Meet Our Fishermen

Wild Seafood Caught by Hand

Our fishermen have studied and learned the waters of Hinchinbrook. Using traditional techniques, they are able to maintain the health of the ecosystem. This is important for us at Wild Local Prawns, as it means we can better manage the waters and secure a better future for our community.

Understanding through experience

Some of our fishing families are 3rd generation, and have been fishing these waters for 50 years. They provide a wealth of knowledge and culture to our beautiful waters of Hinchinbrook.

Many Families Create Our Seafood Industry

Hinchinbrook offers an amazing range of diverse species of fish for us to feed the community. The Seafood Industry in Hinchinbrook is strong because of the respect and trust we have for each other. We are all community orientated, because we know that without the support of our community our Seafood Industry would not thrive.


Wild Local Prawns